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Which brands do European HVAC Installers prefer?


Dear Mr./Mrs.

Last year, we conducted the first Love brands report of the European Installation Monitor. This year we repeated this topic and the results are now available.

This report provides need to know information on brand awareness and brand preferences of your brand among the European HVAC installers. Based on this report you will know your brand position compared to the major competitors. The report provides a clear insight on wether you should work on your awareness, image or company performance.  

Below you will find some of the results for France. The brand funnel shows the top 3 brands regarding radiators. However, similar information is available for all HVAC product categories (listed in the picture) and for all 6 countries (Germany, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium & Poland). The results are based on 1,200 successful interviews with HVAC installers.

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The European Installation monitor is a quarterly research and the reports can be acquired individually or via a subscription. A factsheet of this monitor can be found here

If you have any questions or would like to subscribe/order the report, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Dirk Hoogenboom
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